Custom Design

Get the design you really want!

At Jessica's Fine Jewelry we take you on a step by step journey to create something extraordinary! Now I know that hearing the word custom makes you automatically think more expensive, but that could not be farther from the truth! We take your budget, your ideas and create your dream! 


The Process

 The Sketch: It all begins with a piece of paper. When you come in for your custom consultation we typically suggest you come in with 2-3 google images or different styles that you like! Jessica will discuss with you what you like, what you don't like, then sit with you and sketch a jewelry piece that will be uniquely yours! After the sketch looks good we move onto the next step!


  CAD Process: The next step is putting together a computer-aided design of your piece that will allow you to look and make adjustments to the custom before it is cast. Jessica takes the measurements and design to our goldsmith and he begins the CAD. Once it gets to Jessica she is able to text or email you the photo and you can see if you love it or need a couple adjustments. It is so helpful because you are able to see what's being made and already have a general idea of what the piece is going to look like!!

 The Final Product: Once you give the ultimate ok, it's time to cast and make the final piece!! This is when the goldsmith creates the wax mold from the CAD, casts the gold, sets the stones, hands it off to Jessica, and that's it! Within 3-4 weeks you have your dream piece! Custom design allows you to be a part of every single step to make something uniquely created for YOU!