Engagement & Bridal

Engagement Rings

 Most women dream of the moment they finally get engaged to the person who makes them feel on top of the world, and when the time arrives we usually have an idea on mind of how we want that ring to look! At both of our locations we have beautiful, one of a kind rings to pick from, but it you're looking for something incredibly special that stands out from the rest we can customize your perfect ring! By using CAD design we are able to create a ring that is exactly what you've wanted down to the smallest details.

The great thing about custom is it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want! And no, a custom ring doesn't mean more expensive! At Jessica's Fine Jewelry we take your budget, your ideas and work with you to design your dream! 



Weddings Bands

Once we customize your engagement ring it's time to start thinking of the band to match! At Jessica's Fine Jewelry our goal is to make sure that you have a wedding band that matches perfectly to your custom design! Just like your engagement ring we can make it uniquely designed to what you want! We can go as basic as a plain gold band, or we can add a little... or a lot of diamond! 

 Plain Wedding Band: A simple design to symbolize love. We can create these, or any bands in gold, platinum, or silver. There is also an option to keep this classic bands smooth or add small designs like filigree or a hammered finish to add a little pop!

  Eternity Wedding Band: These gorgeous bands have diamonds all the way around to create a stunning piece that sparkles everywhere you turn.

 Diamond Wedding Band: There are a lot of different ways to customize a diamond band and can usually be mixed and matched with others to stack! With diamonds a quarter or halfway down the band, these rings look like an eternity ring on top and but are able to be sized down the road if they ever needed to be.

 Mens Wedding Bands: Don't worry guys, we have bands for you as well and there are plenty of ways to make it your own! By adding design work to the band or deciding to use a contemporary metal, you have just as many options as women!